Wisconsin Volunteer Coordinators Association

The Wisconsin Volunteer Coordinators Association (WVCA) is a statewide professional organization advocating for coordinators of volunteer services through support, resources and educational development. WVCA is designed to serve as a positive force in the promotion of volunteerism, leadership and volunteer management. The association provides volunteer management training at the WVCA’s Conference each spring.

Volunteer Wisconsin is a statewide affiliate group of the WVCA and this partnership allows us to further support and advance volunteerism by:
  • Having a seat on the WVCA Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to apply for education grants to offer additional volunteer management trainings
  • Presence on the WVCA website
  • Participation in the Bi-annual  Affiliate Retreat
  • WVCA conference scholarships to be awarded to Volunteer Wisconsin affiliates. This includes registered agency managers, Volunteer Wisconsin AmeriCorps, volunteer center staff, and steering committee members who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference